SmartBear Software

SmartBear Software provides tools for over 100,000 software professionals to build, test, and monitor some of the best software applications and websites anywhere on the desktop, mobile and in the cloud.


API Paths

Executes a zipped Ready! API composite project. (POST) /readyapi/executions/composite OpenAPI
Cancels the specified recipe execution (DELETE) /readyapi/executions/{executionID} OpenAPI
Posts a file for the specified test run (POST) /readyapi/executions/{executionId}/files OpenAPI
Returns the transaction logs for the specified recipe execution. (GET) /readyapi/executions/{executionID}/logs OpenAPI
Returns the status of the specified recipe execution. (GET) /readyapi/executions/{executionID}/status OpenAPI
Gets message exchange for a test step execution transaction (GET) /readyapi/executions/{executionID}/transactions/{transactionId} OpenAPI
Returns test run results stored on the TestServer. (GET) /readyapi/executions OpenAPI
Runs a test recipe. (POST) /readyapi/executions OpenAPI
Executes a Ready! API project. (POST) /readyapi/executions/xml OpenAPI